We are currently working on a Model 2 that seems to predate any Daughaday pictorial history we have found to date. The two major differences from archived images and catalog drawings are the roller arms and the platen back. If any reader has information concerning our observations we would be interested in discovering more.

Tom & Terri

T and T Press Restoration

image: Daughaday 2.jpg

Daughaday 2.jpg

image: Daughaday 2 a.jpg

Daughaday 2 a.jpg

image: Daughaday 2 b.jpg

Daughaday 2 b.jpg

image: Daughaday 2 c.jpg

Daughaday 2 c.jpg

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This press is the early version of the Model Press in the production series before the Improved Series went to production!
I would say, Manufactured between the patent date 1873 to 1885, the Ink Roller Arms, Roller Carriage, Platen all changed in 1884 to 1887 then the Improved Series went into production, in the Mid 1890’s to late 1890’s Robert Tunis purchased the Patent Rights to the production line.
It wasn’t until 1902 Robert Tunis made significant changes to the Press. Alden Manufactures also used the Daughaday Patent but only for the NO 2 Job Press known as the Alden Model Job Press - 5x8.
My dates are an educated guess from my research, Paul Aken has some older literature and may be able to help with more precise dating of the press.

Nice Find!