Laser engraving

Good morning everyone,

Is there anyone out there producing laser engraving, preferably in the Colorado area. I have a client who is looking for a reliable source.

The Fairplay Press
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In view of the lack of responses thus far, is it possible that the query and the eventual outcome is slightly ambiguous, i.e. Laser Engraving as in engraving on Trophies, Name Plates, Plaques, etc, which generally only produce a slightly raised image, to view.?
Or could the required end result be the equivalent of *deep relief* Modern Must Have, apparently, in which case the *Spark Erosion* process may be more appropriate.

Apologies to the P.C. brigade, for posting a simplistic question but it may help to clarify what system and answer are relevant.


I know a few people in the greater NY area, if you don’t find a CO source and would like to send me an email I can connect you.

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