Complete Ludlow Setup for Typecasting

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Ludlow Material….I have three operating electric Ludlows and over 650 fonts of mats from 6 point to 72 points. The Ludlows have been worked over by Dave and Beth Seat and cast very nice slugs. Have some very nice faces including some nice scripts and many fonts are double size. A list of faces is available. The mats are stored in 21 Ludlow cabinets and many loose drawers and galleys. Also have a quantity of empty Ludlow drawers. Eight full drawers of Ludlow ornaments, boarders and dingbats and lots of different line blocks. Lots of sticks, tools and spare parts. I cleaned out fourteen Ludlow shops to build my collection. I would like to sell the entire package, I’m too old to start selling individual fonts. Includes a large collection of Ludlow manuals, type style books and other printed material. By my estimate the scrap value should be about $6,500 so that is what I am asking for the entire lot. If interested please contact me off list at [email protected] or 201-259-8907. This is your chance to get a large collection of Ludlow material that took over fifteen years to collect. If no interest I will start scrapping on June 15th.

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