DeLittle YORK - Wooden Type manufacturer.

Hello my name is Simon, I’m new to the Briar Press Forum.

I have recently acquired some trays of wooden type manufactured by R D DeLittle Wood Printing Type Manufacturer in YORK England.

I am interested in finding out much more about it and I was wondering if anybody has any background or history on the R D DeLittle company?

photos attached.

Thanks and best regards.


image: DeLittle 1.jpg

DeLittle 1.jpg

image: DeLittle 2.jpg

DeLittle 2.jpg

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You should get in touch with the Type Archive in London (UK). They hold all the material of Delittle in York. An alternative source is, of course, St Bride Library in London.

Hi Thomas,

Just curious, I may be going to London UK this July, and curious if the Type Archive allows public to visit the museum? Are there any contact info (preferred email) that I can reach them?

I found their website: but doesn’t seems to list any contact info…

Best Regards,

send me an e-mail and I’ll give you some names.


Many thanks for this tip.

Best regards,


S J X perhaps try *Monotype Imaging* (listed) operating out of the Admin offices, (last remaining row of cottages) from the Monotype Works, Salfords Redhill, U.K.

It is now the Admin offices/Operating base for the American Division of Monotype/Lanston Archives, >>perhaps not quite the correct terminology but in essence Correct.<<

May be worth one Phone call which is listed.!!!

M. I. As above, and Good Luck..