5 Heidelberg Windmill 10x15

J. Salazar Co. in Pasadena, CA is selling 5 different Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill Presses.

We have acquired them from a local print shop here in the San Gabriel Valley and are offering them up for sale. The machines were running and in production prior to our acquisition.

All of the machines have very low serial numbers and most come with accessories, extra chase, keys, numbering heads, coins, foils and tools.

SN# 190331E for $5,900
SN# 185233 for $5,600
SN# 135243E Red Ball for $3,250
SN# 119523E Gold Boss Foil System for $4,150
SN# 119088E Gold Boss Foil System for $4,150

All the Heidelberg machines are in original condition and have not repainted or cleaned. The presses are all on pallets and ready to be delivered.

Local customers can call the office to come see the presses in person.

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image: BPHeid.jpg