Columbian Eagle

Can any help with adjustment of platen not enough pressure on one corner.
how do I adjust please help
Robert Read

E mail [email protected]

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Fundamentally,never tighten a platen bolt without prior loosening its opposite…whether it is diagonally opposte or in one axis of the two..x and y.Otherwise you can pull out the bolts from the platen.Put typehigh blocks\letters on the bed,pack the tympan how you wish,lower platen to bed,loosen platen bolts so it rests on blocks,then ensure platen bolts are fully home before tightening bolts in their pairs.You may have found that due to wear in the rails etc,that you have to pack out a bit between piston and platen to optimise setting up of the press.

Thank you for your help will try and let you know.

and of course ensure you tie the bar handle to its impression position(eg rope it to the staple) while getting it level, rebolting……..