how to duplex paper

Hi, can anyone tell me the best glue to do duplexing? Something that i guess can be done with a foam roller and waterdown light glue i guess? Something that can obviously be washed out of the roller and reused? Ive seen some videos of the machines that do it, looking for a diy version that i can do thats cheaper.

Ive seen someone mention 3m spray adhesive but would be too much spraying for probably 50+ sheets.

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What size sheet are you gluing?
You are on the right track. white glue and a foam roller is the best cheap alternative for small DIY duplex jobs.
3m spray adhesive is not a bad way to go if your sheet size is not to large.
You can hand smooth each sheet as it is glued and put the stack under weights for 12-24 hours and you should have a fine result.
Gluing machines and smoothing rollers are very expensive.
here is a link to a duplexing discussion on briar press a while ago,

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I’ve obtained good results with the foam roller method, but used non-diluted white PVC bookbinders glue. I put slip sheets between the glued sheets, stack them neatly and put them between boards and glue clamps for at least 24 hours. After removing the boards and clamps I leave them another 24 hours to dry completely.