Does anyone know what this might be?


We recently picked up a huge lot of Multigraph items and this beast was among them. This may or may not fall within anyone’s expertise here, but we thought it would be worth a shot. Any ideas on what this might be or how it might possibly relate to letter presses or Multigraph in particular? Thanks!

image: image.jpg

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Ah, the other photo didn’t post. Try this again:)

image: image.jpg

What you have there, is a typewriter.
*I don’t know what it really is or is used for*

Not a typewriter, but rather a Teletype. Probably a Model 15.

There is an active community of folks trying to preserve old Teletype gear. They congregate on the “greenkeys” forum (so called because of the traditional color of TTY keycaps). This is at:

If you don’t wish to join that list, but want to find a home for this machine, drop me an e-mail (via BriarPress or at dmm at Lemur dot com) and I’d be happy to post a note there on your behalf.

If you want to see one of these in action, go to youtube and search for: teletype model 15

David M.