Letterpress Wood Type

Offered for sale is a complete set of 20 line Gothic Bold Medium Extended type. There are 101 characters (pieces) in this font that consists of:
* capital letters
* figures
* periods and commas

This wood type is made of hard rock maple and was probably manufactured sometime in the 1920s or 30s.

This font is the last font from the collection of Ambrosi Printers. Ambrosi Printers, established 1929, closed its doors in December 2014 after participating for 85 years in the business community of Regina and area. This marks rather incredible success for a small family owned business that served the Regina community for so many decades.

For more photos and explanatory text, please visit: http://www.ambrosi.ca/ambrosi-printers/letterpress-equipment-books/last-...

PRICE: $1000 CAN.
This is our last font and represents the end of an era. If you look on Etsy or other sales sites, individual letters often sell for $10-$20 per letter or for several hundred dollars for a broken up random collection of letters from different fonts. To a printer, or avid collector, these random items are nearly worthless. We are offering a complete, excellent font that can be used for printing, or for the avid collector.

Over 80 years old, this set of type is in outstanding condition. The inking on the type reveals that it was used, but the clean, undamaged edges reveal it saw only light use before being retired from industrial use sometime in the 1970s.

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image: 2015-01-18_0RA9263_v1 CROP 1980px_PC 1200.jpg

2015-01-18_0RA9263_v1 CROP 1980px_PC 1200.jpg

image: 2015-01-18_0RA9263_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

2015-01-18_0RA9263_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

image: 2015-01-18_0RA9311_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

2015-01-18_0RA9311_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

image: 2015-01-18_0RA9312_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

2015-01-18_0RA9312_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

image: 2015-01-18_0RA9313_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg

2015-01-18_0RA9313_v1_LTM_PC 1200.jpg