Heidelberg foil unit

Hello, a 10x15 Heidelberg we purchased came with a foil unit, which appears to be made by heidelberg. For some reason we cannot get the pull to be right/consistent. I am assuming it is partly due to part T560.026 (pictured). It looks as if it were chiseled down four some reason. I also know we are missing at least one part on the same side that need s a spring.

Is there anyone in the Philly area that has experience foiling on heidelbergs that could come check it out? We would love to get it up and running properly as soon as possible.
PLEASE get in touch if you know of anyone. Thanks for your time.

image: IMG_4507.JPG


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I can find the problem if I inspect the machine, but I am in India. I can repair any kind of problem.

I wish you where not too far away from Maine or I would check it out. I have been using a electric/digital foil puller modified for a 10x15 windmill. The foil puller is actually from a Kluge, you should look into Kluge parts and mod your press. for your style of printing!

Part T560.026 and T560.027 look right to me.

I’d start by trying to tighten the brake for the pulling roller a bit. It’s a clamp that’s just to the right of the knob that sets the foil advance and wraps around the shaft of the knurled roller for the foil. Page 14 of the foil manual, part T 560.003 F. Tighten the M6 x 18 screw to put a bit of friction on the roller. Make sure the brake is tight enough that the foil roller turns easily by hand but has enough resistance that it doesn’t spin freely.

If the brake is too loose you’ll find that when you set the foil advance to the shorter pulls (lower numbers) the press will pull the foil erratically, bouncing between way too much and way too little (because you kept screwing the advance knob in to compensate for the over pulls). Running at higher speeds will magnify the problem.

Hope that helps.

Hi folks —
We have one of these Heidelberg foil units in our shop, and we are having a similar problem: pull is only about 5 or 6 inches at maximum, and not precision controlled.

What photographs I’ve found online show the metal guard in place, so we can’t see the moving bits where the problem is.

Nor have I found mentions of a MANUAL for the Heidelberg foil unit online anywhere, outside of this thread! [Edit: make that “this or other Briar Press threads!”]

Can any of you direct me to where such a manual is accessible online? Or, might you be induced to make a copy of your manual available in some form?

Max pull on the factory foiler is going to be around 4-5” at the very most. I believe the manual quotes a max of 4” of pull and a 6x4” plate size on the base. Our machine pulls a bit more than 4”.

Pull will be more consistent if you snug the thing that looks like a clamp on the left side of the knurled foil drum. Yours is loose which is the only reason you’re able to get almost six inches of pull and it’s also what’s leading to an uncontrolled pull. With that clamp loose, when the machine is at speed the inertia of the drum is what is actually pulling the foil and not the drive mechanism. The drum starts spinning and spins past where the drive cams would push it. That means it will pull rarely pull the same length twice. The faster you run, the worse it will be.

For larger things you can skip feed to get enough unprinted foil pulled or you can wrap the drum with something to increase the circumference. We find skip feeding easiest.

Direct message me a good email and I’ll send the manual. It will also walk you through adjusting that clamp/brake.