Mixing inks based in a CMYK

Hi everyone! Hope you can help me once again. I’m trying to mix a green color made with 49% Cyan and 70% Yellow. Is there anyway I can make it mixing inks?
I’ve tried putting 49 grams of Cyan and 70 grams of Yellow but it didn’t work the way I wanted. If anyone can give me a hand with this I’ll be very grateful!


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Those percentages are meant to refer to halftone screens when doing 4-color offset. I don’t believe they are comparable to actual percentages or quantities of ink. Do you have a Pantone book? That’s the best way to find the color you want. Or, mix and do draw-downs, then mix again, etc. until you get close to the color you want.

jonsel, thank you very much for your answer! Yes, I’ve found a similar Pantone, the 7488 that is 43 Cyan and 60 Yellow, I’ve tried it, but it’s not that similar as I thought.

As jonsel says, those3 are halftone percentages which also indicate the blank area between the dots. so you could try adding the other 51% + 30% = 81 grams of white, plus more white because letterpress lays a thicker layer than does the offset process the PMS formulas indicate. You will find different opinions as how much extra white, and that can vary with the precision of the inking system of the press.

Do you have Pantone base inks? The Pantone chart should give you the breakdown of ink weights to mix to achieve your color.

parallel_imp I’ve thought about adding some white to the mixing, now you give me some approximate amount I’ll try adding 81gms plus a little more to the mixture and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

I did it! I finally get the right color by adding translucid white to the mixture. I’ve tried a couple of times how much translucid white I needed until I get the closest green. Thank you all for your help!