Is It Bad To Keep Things Locked Up?

I set and locked up 3 projects this week and last for a print run next Tuesday. I locked them up so set them sideways since I don’t have the counter space for 3 10x15 chases. Is this a bad idea? As I was setting the last one, I realized that maybe the prolonged tension could be bad for the chase/type/furniture. I’ve never done it this way before so I thought I’d ask some professionals (you guys) to see what you think.

I supposed I can lay them on the floor until print day if it does turn out to be a ‘no-no’

Thanks a bunch!

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I have 4 or 5 chases locked up all the time, you need to be careful because the wooden furniture and shrink and your type may fall out, I check my chases every 3 or 4 days to make sure they are tight.

same here i allways have 4 chases locked up for work that repeats often. and an extra chase free for daily miscellaneous work no wooden furniture though.

Yeah, vertical storage is normal, that’s how all chase racks are designed. You do want to check the lockup before going on press (loosen, re-plane, re-tighten).
As for stress on the chase, you don’t want to be in the habit of over-tightening anyway, very bad for the cast chases most common for platen job presses.