Vandercook No. 3 Letterpress Proof Press

Vandercook No. 3 Proof Press for $SOLD. It’s in excellent condition but we need room in our studio and acquired another press that we print more frequently with. It requires no power - everything is powered by you using the hand cranks. More info about that here:

What’s included:
- New rollers (by Advance Roller Co)
- New 13x19 Boxcar Press Standard Relief Base
- Various Packing Sheets and gently used Cellophane
- Various tools and furniture

Movers required - we have some recommendations for companies you can use that specialize in moving this type of equipment.

More photos here:

We are also $SOLD! a 10x15 Old Style Chandler and Price Letterpress with home-made treadle. It comes with a single-speed motor that is optional. All chases, furniture, boxcar base, and rollers included as well. Please inquire for more info or photos.

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