Improved Pearl No. 11- parts needed

I’m restoring an Improved Pearl No. 11, and have come across some missing pieces (one being the nameplate, but little hope of finding a replacement.)
The main issue is a missing screw- the one that connects the top of the pushrod from the treadle to the main shaft. From the size of the hole in the pushrod, I assume this is a custom-type screw with a thicker collar on it. Does anyone have specs or know of a replacement part that fits? A parts diagram would also be helpful if anyone can share, I’ve been unable to find a high-res one online that can actually be read. I’m also missing a screw for the feed board supports but have one to measure; also missing one pair of trucks but have some to duplicate. Unfortunately the previous owner passed away a few years ago; I’ve never printed on a Pearl so I’m working blind on this one. Hoping to get this press back into working shape.

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