Letterpress Type (second grouping)

type cabinets with type, galleys, and empty cases
$1800 for all

Slope-Top WOOD-CAB

12 pt. Copperplate (2 sizes Cap & small Cap)
12pt. Cheltenham
6pt. Copperplate (2 sizes Cap & small Cap)
18pt. Copperplate
12pt. Copperplate (3 sizes Cap & small Cap)
14pt. Copperplate w/ 18pt Copperplate
12pt Copperplate (3 sizes Cap & small Cap)
6pt. Copperplate (2 sizes Cap & small Cap)
30pt. Brush
6pt. Bernhard Gothic Light
6pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
8pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
10pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
12pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
14pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
24pt. Bernhard Gothic Medium
6pt. Litho Roman (Caps and small Caps)
12pt. Litho Roman (Caps and small Caps)
10pt. Bodoni Italic
10pt. Century
14pt. Century School Book
12pt. Century Expanded
10pt. Modern Roman
10pt. Tourist Gothic
8pt. Tourist Gothic Caps w/ 12pt. Tourist Gothic Caps
14pt. Cheltenham Bold
14pt. Cheltenham Bold
18pt. Cheltenham Bold
18pt. Cheltenham Bold
24pt. Cheltenham Bold
24pt. Cheltenham Bold
36pt. Cheltenham Bold
48pt. Cheltenham Bold CAPS

Regular Cab/Stack


24pt. Cloister Black & 12pt. Cloister Black (same case)
18pt. Cloister Black
12pt. Goudy Light
18pt. Goudy Bold
14pt. Goudy Heavy Face
14pt. Goudy Bold
12pt. Garamond Old Style
12pt. Copperplate
14pt. Swing
18pt. Swing w/ 6pt. Stymie Light
30pt. Swing
24pt. Swing
36pt. Swing w/ 10pt. Sans Serif Light
10pt. Typewriter
12pt. Typewriter
18pt. Sans Serif
12pt. 20th Century Bold
8pt. Stymie Italic
8pt. Cochin Bold
8pt. Caslon Bold
10pt. Caslon Bold
12pt. Caslon Bold


8pt. Stymie Medium
10pt. Stymie Medium
14pt. Stymie Medium
18pt. Stymie Medium
12pt. Stymie Bold
18pt. Stymie Bold
24pt. Stymie Bold
10pt. Modern Roman
24pt. Old English
10pt. Bernhard Gothic Italic
18pt. Cheltenham Light
24pt. Cheltenham Bold

+2 empty cases


6pt. Stymie Light
10pt. Stymie Light
**18pt. Homewood w/ 18pt. Italian Old Style
14pt. Sans Serif
14pt. Park Ave.
18pt. Sans Serif
12pt. Washington Text
6pt. Copperplate (2 sizes of caps)
12pt. Park Ave. w/ 6pt. Stymie Bold
18pt. Park Ave.
6pt. Century Roman
6pt. Caslon Bold
8pt. Stymie Light
10pt. Sans Serif
8pt. Sans Serif Medium
**14pt. Copperplate w/ 30pt. Stymie CAPS
6pt. Copperplate Extended (2 sizes caps/small caps
10pt. Caslon Bold
12pt. Old English
12pt. Sans Serif Medium
12pt. Bookman Italic
8pt. Bookman Italic
6pt. Litho Roman Ext. (2 sizes caps & small caps)
10pt Primer Gothic
6pt. Copperplate (2sizes of caps)
6pt. Copperplate (2sizes of caps)

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