Peerless Gem Paper Cutter - Best offer

Late 19th century Manual Antique Guillotine for sale. We sure are sad to part with her, but we’re moving and there’s no coming with.

Make: Peerless Gem Floor Model
Bed Size: 30 x 30”
Serial # : 8674
Footprint: 4’ W x 5’ L x 6’ T

The bed and back rail are cleaned up and de-rusted. The worm underneath is also free of rust and greased. She’s just been serviced and is squared up best as her old bones allow.

Bonus: A few owners ago someone retrofitted the manual hand crank with a pneumatic configuration for the clamp, which requires a small air compressor to run. We’ve been using about 75 lbs of pressure on anything from handmade paper to chipboard. Found that it’s mostly just a quirky characteristic and shaves off about 30 seconds. If you are a traditionalist or collector, it’d be a neat project to restore her to the original set up, gold paint and all.

Pink cutting strip needs to be replaced, but these are inexpensive and found at Messenger Knife Grinding. Comes with one blade - recently sharpened. Weighs about 750 pounds.

This ol’ gal is special and has served us well. Must sell before July 20th.

Thank you.

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