Missal Initial Typeface

I have a complete set of MISSAL INITIAL type, 45 pt., 86 pieces in all. Can anyone tell me the foundry name and whether they are rare or valuable. I have had them for 20 years or so and have never used them, so I’m thinking I might sell them. Thanks so much for any help. Image attached.

image: AlterLittera-InitialsATFMissalCaxton-2014-03-26 copy.jpg

AlterLittera-InitialsATFMissalCaxton-2014-03-26 copy.jpg

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Hello.. Missal Initials were issued by ATF in 1904; their design has been ascribed to Will Bradley. Derived from the fifteenth-century sources, each letter is designed to fill a square area. There was also Missal Text, by BB&S 8-36pt The Missal Initials by ATF 10 - 60 pt.
—info. from American Metal Typefaces of the 20th Century. by Mac McGrew
As far as Value, that’s determined by the buyer if their willing to pay. I would Value them more by having them, than the money. Nice Collection. Display them some way..
Theo Bell

Thank you so much Theo. I actually would feel bad to part with them, so I may give it a second thought. I really appreciate the information…so interesting.