Vandercook Universal III, C&P Pilot, Challenge Cutter & More

We at Tweedle Press have moved on to greener pastures and although we are reluctant to part with our beloved equipment - we feel certain that they would be happier to be used more often. See below for a list of the major pieces we are selling out of our house in Woolwich, Maine (about 45 minutes north of Portland) and their conditions. First priority will go to entire shop buys (for which we are willing to provide a discount!) and local pickup, of course. Buyer pays moving fees. We need to move this equipment ASAP! Please email with questions.

Vandercook Universal III (Edward): good condition, good rollers, few small electrical issues relating to “run” and “cycle” modes, 17” x 22” Boxcar base included - $10,000

Vandercook drying rack that fits under the feed board: good condition, some drawer fronts cracked but could be fixed - $500

16” Challenge manual paper cutter (Frank): good condition, ruler worn off, blade could use a sharpen - $500

Other shop items not priced out but up for negotiation: custom built rolling ink mixing cart, various tools and other bits and bobs as you’d expect from a print shop.

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image: Edward


image: Frank


image: Isabel