Large Mutli-level Emboss: Tips?

Hi All,

I’m simply looking for some tips from anyone who has experience running large multi-level embossing dies.
Most of my experience is in the world of flat foil stamping, die-cutting, and letterpress printing with type & photopolymer.

I haven’t had too many embossing jobs and those I have done were very simple.

I’ll be embossing covers for a perfect bound book.
The paper is 100lb Mohawk Superfine. The embossing die is roughly 12.375 x 10.75. It is brass with a precast counter.

It is to be a registered emboss that mimics the textures of an embroidered logo.

My main concern is maximizing detail and perfecting my makeready to help bottom out the emboss as best as possible over the course of the run. About 45,000 units.

I’ve been told that using a moistened Yellowboard would help me achieve the best depth and detail but I’m unfamiliar with this technique. If anyone has done this or something similar in the past please chime in! I’ve also read that embossing film and dura cover could be used for improved results.

I’ll be using a Kluge EHD 14x22 for the job.

Thanks everyone.

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Hopefully, you gave the diemaker the info on paper weight. Your diemaker will probably be helpful in answering most of your questions, as well as Brandtjen & Kluge, Did you order a 60 or 30 thousands counter?

What process was used to print the covers…lithography, digital?

You will need to use heat, but not too hot or you will get die swell and then it won’t fit the image. 230 F is a good starting point. If the printed ink hasn’t had enough time to dry, you may run into problems with the ink coming off and sticking to the embossing die. At that point you may need to use a thin film to cover the die, or turn the heat down.

You need to float your precast counter and cover it. I wouldn’t use yellow board. I usually use mylar, 5 mil cover film, or similar type materials that I have found useful.

Do you know how to adjust the platen? Packing under the die jacket on that large of a die won’t work very well.

Contact me for information

Thank you GWAK,

The counter is .006 and the die-maker knows the paper. I’ve also tested the stock with other medium sized brass dies and had good results. The print is offset lithography from a MAN Roland and has been off the press for 4 days. I’m hoping to start the job tomorrow.

I was originally going to try about 150F but will bring the heat up as per your suggestion. I’ll float the counter as usual. Covering the counter is really the heart of my query. I have some cover film I could use but had heard that other materials could bring out detail more effectively for this size.

I currently have no packing under the jacket and levelled the platen just last week. I’m trying to cover all my bases for this one.

Thanks for the input!