Table top or floor model job press

I’m looking for a clamshell or job press. It could be a larger table top press (I have a Kelsey Excelsior 5X7 press so I mean larger than that), or perhaps an 8X12 or 7X11 floor model press. It is OK if it needs some work, ie rust removal, welding a broken leg, or lever, for example, or needs new rollers. Anything larger than 8X12 is too big for me to handle. I live in Austin, TX, but I’m willing to travel to pick up the right press. I have everything else I need but the press, and due to limited finances, cannot afford to buy a package deal. (Someone recently posted such a deal for $2500.) That doesn’t work for me—I’m just looking for a press.

I have some type, cabinets, and desirable printing books that I could include for trade as partial payment. If you have a press for sale, please contact me. I know press prices have gone up due to demand, but my Social Security check hasn’t gone up at the same level, so I am willing to consider a press that needs some restoration, but has a good working action and alignment—those are things I can’t fix. I hesitate to list my top limit—anything I buy will be on credit through my own line of credit—and my limit depends on the press and how far I would have to travel to pick it up. This is sort of an off-topic trade, but I have a machine which makes lapidary marbles or spheres, which I bought for $1700. It is in fine working condition, and for someone into lapidary work, maybe we could make a deal. I used it to make Lake Superior agate marbles, and made some very nice marbles, but the machine has not been used very much, so it is in almost new condition. I’m not doing lapidary work any more, and don’t use it. I also have quite a few Lake Superior agates which could be made into marbles, as well as a limited supply of some other stones and cabachons available which could be included in a trade.

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