Kelsey 3x5 press questions

I have a dilema and i need someones input.

I recently purchased a kelsey 5x8 press which for what i want to do with it is perfectly fine. I dont plan on becoming a professional press. I just want to stamp out business cards for my store and birthday cards.

But i have come across another kelsey 3x5 missing the ink thingy. I want to buy it because it has alot of type with it. Plus its about $100… I was thinking maybe i should purchase it, keep the type and sell the kelsey im sure some folks might need a chase or want it for parts..

Its in great condition, no serious rust… Just looks dirty..

Any ideas…

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one can never have enough type, I’d go for it.

I’d be interested in the press parts. Let me know how much.

When i pick it up next week ill let you know….