Does anyone know if business history books about some of the early well known companies? I worked for Heidelberg and there is a lot out there about them… Found one about Linotype as well.

How about C&P though?

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Hopkins, Richard L. Tolbert Lanston and the Monotype. Tampa, FL: Univ. of Tampa Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-59732-100-6. An excellent history of the origins of the Monotype and the Lanston Monotype Machine Company by a founder of the American Typecasting Fellowship.

Slinn, Judy, Sebastian Carter, and Richard Southall. History of the Monotype Corporation. Woodstock, UK: The Vanbrugh Press, 2014. Ed. Andrew Boag and Christopher Burke. ISBN: 978-09930510-0-5 (Vanbrugh Press edition) and 978-0900003-15-8 (Printing Historical Society edition). A history of the English Monotype firm.

Kahan, Basil. Ottmar Mergenthaler: The Man and His Machine. New Castle, DE: Oak Knoll Press, 2000. ISBN 1-58456-007-X. While nominally a biography, this book contains a good bit of information on the English Linotype firm (Linotype and Machinery Ltd.) not often found in American sources.

Comparato, Frank E. Chronicles of Genius and Folly: R. Hoe and Company and the Printing Press as a Service to Democracy. Culver City, CA: Labyrinthos, 1979.

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