Help: what is my press worth?

Chandler and Price 10x12
With working motor.
New rollers

Bought it originally in Oklahoma from a super sweet gentleman that had about 30 different kinds of presses.

I currently live in NYC and can’t move it (makes me sad). I wish I could find a way to keep it, but it’s taking up space in Oklahoma and moving it isn’t an option right now.

Thank you in advance!

(sorry photos are a bit dark)

image: IMG_1335.JPG


image: IMG_1337.JPG


image: IMG_1352.JPG


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Chandler & Price didn’t make a 10X12 press, so it is either an 8X12 or a 10X15. It looks small, so my guess would be that it is an 8X12. It is a new series, which means it was made after C&P made their model changes in 1911. If you could get the serial number, we could tell you the year in which it was made.

Presses like this change hands for anywhere from $0.00 to somewhere in the lower 3 figures.

You could list it in the classifieds of Briar Press and maybe some other printing websites for a little more than what you paid for it, so you can come down a little.

Shipping heavy items like this is expensive, so trying to find a local buyer would probably be the way to go, at least in the beginning. If memory serves, this press weighs 1100 pounds. Maybe you will get lucky and find a bidder from Oklahoma or surrounding states who is willing to come and pick it up. I hope so for your sake and for the press’s sake.

Thanks! You’re right, it is an 8x12
I’ll try to get the serial #.

I don’t remember the exact weight, but yes it was crazy heavy when we first moved it!