Photopolymer plate mounting

I’m looking to mount photopolymer plates to wood blocks. I did a test and the standard adhesive worked better than Super77, but they started peeling off after a few weeks and I’d like them to be more permanent. Any suggestions on a better glue or adhesive? I want to avoid gorilla glue or anything that expands as it dries, obviously.

To give you a better idea of what I’m trying to do, take a look at this Kickstarter:

Scroll down and you can see the moveable blocks I made to enable custom prints. Those worked fine for the test run, but, like I said, they’ve started to peel and will present issues on press now.

We explored laser or CNC cutting but it can’t hold the detail and is too expensive. Magnesium blocks are also way too expensive, so need to stick with PP.


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There is virtually no difference between original old fashioned Printers/Graphics Plate, Block, Cut, mounting material AND modern house furnishing/flooring *Double sided* carpet tape, in U.K. around .003” thick!! dead ringer for original Graphics supplies.

Adheres well (plate to base) to virtually every base, end grain hardwood, block board, M.D.F.aluminium, etc.etc.
On Aluminium and M.D.F. occasionally needs warming up to dismount.!! or a very thin *whippy* pallet knife, or both.