Alexandra/Albion Press Pat 1383-1879


Hi Briar Press Community

I have for sale an Alexandra Printing Press patent number 1383 dated 1879.
This press has come from the part of Essex England that was hugely important in the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century miles from Walthamstow and William Morris.

It looks like the makers name has been removed although I am told it is F.T.Wimble but this press is in the UK not Australia.

As you can see from the photo,s this is a large press the printing plate size is 36” x 23 1/2” if this helps it has also been standing for over 80 or so years so in a Barn so in need of a refurbishment but does still have the original paint, the only thing I can see missing is it looks like something would have held the Prince of Wales feathers on the top of the press please see the post in Press identification and member Albion Press stating that what is missing is an east fix.

Unfortunately I am not from the printing industry so nor familiar with these presses but purchased this because I thought it was a fabulous piece of historical excellence and did not realize how important or indeed rare these presses are becoming so would love to see this being used again or in a museum where people can learn from the history and huge significance of the printing trade of that time.

Any questions and to discuss the price and or any shipping information please PM me

Mark Hughes
Essex England

[email protected]

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