C&P 8x12, C&P 26” Guillotine, Challenge Guillotine, ETC


I have a few items for sale:

Chandler & Price 8x12 New Style Press - $1500. The press is in excellent working shape and is very clean. No welds, no rust, new rollers, 2 chases. Downside - It has a variable speed motor but it stopped working. Probably an easy fix but I don’t have time or interest since I can’t keep the press due to lack of room in my studio. It has a curved shaft and is ready for a treadle if that’s your route.

Chandler & Price 26” Manual Guillotine Cutter - $600. What a beauty! I really really wish I could keep this, but again, lack of room dictates otherwise. Cuts through 4-5 inches of paper like a hot-knife through butter. Belonged to a Russian newspaper from SF (I don’t recall the name) in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and I bought it from the proprietor’s grandson. Looks like the handle was broke but someone did a hell of a good job fixing it. Comes with three giant blades with cases. Has a brass inlay ruler.

Challenge 19” Cutter - $500. I fully restored this cutter but found the exact C&P 19” model I’ve always wanted so I don’t need this one anymore. I stripped it to bare metal, cleaned it, primed and painted and clear coated it, and re-assembled it. Sadly, it took my about 40-hours total to do all of this but at least I had fun, learned something, and hopefully it will find a happy home ;).

I also have a metal galley cabinet. I forget the make and exact size but they’re something like 10 x 16” trays. Let me know if you need details.

I also have a few other things small things. I’m open to trade ideas. Let me know.

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