removing kluge main shaft

i am having several issues replacing the main bushings on my D series 10x15 kluge I cant seem to get the head cam off the shaft the key is hammered in flush and cant get a puller on it evenly also when removing the gear cover the entire cam assembly fell out before being able to photo and mark the positions if anyone has any info or a photo so I can put it in time correctly I have not had any success finding any info online

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One little gimmick that has worked occassionally in such cases,! source a set of *Easy Outs* (Anti Clock wise/Archimedes, busted stud extractors)?? sets of 3/4/5 progressively bigger.!!

Drill the offending *Key* with the biggest practical tapered, tool without breaking into the key wall, screw in Anti Clock wise, apply little heat to the hub of the (cast) Head Cam, avoiding direct heat to the steel shaft, and combined effort, little heat coupled with PULL on the easy out, (Mole Grips, Gorilla Grips, self locking etc.) have also, when the minute heat is expanding the cast hub, tapped it (The Hub)) in gently with copper hammer/drift, generally, just a few thou IN, helps the release, … . but not foolproof by any means.

Works now and then before more drastic steps,
but N.B. >useless< if the *KEY* be parallel type.!!

Slightly better odds if the key be the Tapered type, being tapered (unlike the parallel type) internal contact is only a small percentage, by implication, only a small percentage to release… Apologies if this entry be rubbish, but it has been used as a first step.??

thank you mick well the key is parallel and would not pull out I did manage to get my hands on a 10 ton puller and with some careful measuring drilling and tapping the cam finally gave in and pulled away just waiting on new bushings then the fun of putting it all back together