Am I wrong about dpi?

Everyday I go through this with the sales department. I tell them I need jpg 300 dpi or higher to print sharp clear images.

And, everyday I am told, that 100 to 150 dpi is all they going to give me, because they know better.

I think it time to just get out of the printing/graphic industry, and stop fighting with the people that know better.

How do you get around this problem?

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150 DPI will work if the actual image is 200% of what they want the final to be. This translates out to 150 x 2 = 300, if you were to enlarge 150 dpi 200% effective resolution would be 75 DPI (150 / 2 = 75)
If the image is line art you would n=be better at 1200 DPI and saves as a bitmap image.
Hope this makes sense.

Thank you