Mystery type high gauges

I have been lucky these past few months to help several printers find new homes for their print shops. I picked up these three items from an old wood box in the corner. The top one I now have several of, however I do not know the bottom left marked Hoe and company. One side says .918” but the right says .766”. Bottom right is marked Morgans and Wilcox. Is it some kind of production or newspaper furniture?

image: Type_high_gauges.JPG


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Just guesswork, Bottom left, big end! .918 type height, small end .766 just about correct for the height of aluminium girder furniture, together with Honeycomb base (with register hooks) to accomodate adaptor plate material, for mounting conventional .064” 4 colour sets, zinco,s copper faced stereo,s etc + again, guess work, the tiny slot will be a Go/No go for intermediate adaptor base, (Paxolin or Aluminium) on sight at time of post, Girder furniture marked .744” which was/is still being used as above.

Try adding your .766 + to whatever your GO/NO GO slot *mikes* up to, probably find the compound ends up .064” ?? thou, short of type high.

Is it possible that the item at far right is a special purpose, long reach *speed* quoin with the facility to support (to type height) a plate that has to Bleed.!!!

The above guesswork, (except the girder furniture at .744” too close for coincidence maybe) give or take 2/3, thickness,s of D.S.A..

Extreme apologies if the above be RUBBISH,! but may provoke the Real Deal.?

.765” was standard base height for 12-point “shell height” duplicate plates (stereotypes and electrotypes).
Bottom right is an ordinary M&W job lock, in the smallest size, but they came in various lengths. Works as combined quoin and furniture: catalog examples show them used to lock up plates in a chase but also to lock up smaller chases inside of larger chases.

P.I. thank you for your apparent corroboration of my humble efforts, I did imply that my take was mostly guesswork, it is a long time since the mid 50,s when *Monotype* to the exclusion of most all else (and still does) blots out the other good stuff. unfortunately.!!
Does my Adaptor base plate, coupled with .064” Thou plate proper come close to your,*Shell Height* at 12 pt… By implication, synonymous with my stab in the dark Go/No go, slot, perhaps M.W.T. above would publish any findings re the actual acceptance gap, for calculations and clarification.
Thanks again. Mick.

very knowledgeable, Mick-great.