Korrex Proof Press Question…

Does anyone know if any of the Korrex model of Proof Presses (popular in the Netherlands & Germany) have adjustable beds to accommodate for different type heights ?

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yes, several models of the Korrex presses were available with adjustable bed. Except the smaller models Stuttgart and Freiburg, and the largest Hamburg, all other models were available with ‘Fundamentverstellung’.

Thank you very much Thomas. There are not many Proof Presses here in Australia but I have seen a few Korrex & Asbern, more so than any other model, in workshops.They have an excellent reputation here.
I print mostly Posters (hand inking at the moment) and so I am keeping an eye out for a Korrex Berlin 50 x 70.
Hopefully I can find one soon on sites like Maschinensucher or Drukwerk in de Marge.

Other fine proof presses are the Eickhoff’s, from Denmark. Are you using English height? If yes, you don’t really need an adjustable bed. A sheet of metal of the correct thickness on the bed will work as well. I’m printing with German height, just bought a sheet of 1.2 mm and put that on the bed of my Dutch height proof press, problem solved!

I have not heard of Eickhoff Presses before. I will do some research and see what I can find.
The sheet of metal as a bed plate is a good idea.
I use English/USA height .918 of an inch printing mostly with Woodtype and large point size Monotype.
I live in the tropical north of Australia so anything that makes printing a bit more efficient is always a welcome break from the heat and humidity.
Which is why I am looking at options of shipping a press over from Europe.

how much do you want to spend for the press?
Recently I bought some printing equippment and in the shop where I bought it there was a Korrex for sale.
I am not sure which type, maybe Berlin, but for sure at least with an 50x70 cm printbed and an electric ink fountain.
The rollers were in very good condition too.
Some surface rust here and there, but soon it will be professionaly refubrished.
Next week I will be there again so I could make some photos for you.
But will it be really profitable for you with the shippingcosts? That will be several thousand dollars, the press weights around 750 kg.

Thank you Mariusz,
I have been looking for 5 years now in Australia and have managed to find myself a Vandercook SP-13 and a Seligson & Claire licensed copy of an A2 Farley Proof Press.The second one has paper grippers and a paper feed tray but both are hand inkers unfortunately.
I’ll send you a message.
All the best

I’m sure I posted yesterday 2 links to maschinensucher…..oh well……….as we speak there is a Triumph and Korrex, search in book printing presses section, search under “abzieh’ presse, which means proofing press…………..

Thank you Jonathan, I found those links just recently and contacted the owner out of curiosity but he wanted a fair bit for the Nuernberg Korrex.
I will hold off until I can find a Berlin or Hannover model, Korrex as they have a 50 x 70 bed which is perfect for my needs.
All the best

check out ebay.de too, a guy reularly posts a refurbished press, but there have been ‘used’ ones at amazing presses, trouble is buying from abroad…………..unless you have contacts in Germany that could buy for you, commission etc to export.

Just noticed a Vandercook in Aussie just come up for sale..,.check classifieds

Just noticed a Vandercook in Aussie just come up for sale..,.check classifieds

I have been very fortunate that fellow Briar Press member Gummistiefel has been kind and generous enough to find time from his busy schedule to help me (a complete stranger) find the proof press that I need.
I have already sold several of my older presses to make room in the workshop. A busy weekend (continuing today) moving the etching press.
Thank you also Thomas Gravemaker & Jonathonjeclipse for all your valuable suggestions.Sincerely appreciated.
All the best from ‘Down Under’

After a 4 month journey my 1974, Korrex-Berlin, Proof Press arrived today in Darwin, Australia all the way from Bielefeld Germany. All she needs a bit of a clean and a change of motor but is perfect in every way.
A huge thanks to to Briar Press member Gummistiefel for finding the press and organising it from his end.
This is yet another reminder of the great community that is Briar Press.

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Nice to see the press arrived safely in Australia! Happy cleaning, and of course, printing. On the website of Drukwerk in de Marge you can find substantial information on Korrex presses (look under Techniek > Handleidingen).

Hi Franck

We have a Korrex Berlin as well, and based in Sydney.

The Berlin is a beautiful machine - very reliable and magnificent to operate. You’re very lucky to get your hands on one.

If you ever get stuck, please feel free to give us a call and we’re happy to help troubleshoot. There’s a few of us who now quite handy with it. Ask to speak to a Production Manager from our team:

Thanks noftus
Sincerely appreciated.I will be giving the Korrex a good clean & service this week and I also have to exchange the German 3 Phase motor over for an Aussie 240 Volt single phase. It came with some great extras like another set of rollers, NOS Tympan/cylinder blanket and a roller gauge.
I have a project in Sydney soon with Red Hand so I will see if I can organise a visit for when you are not too busy.

Hi Redhand, I am also based in Australia. I was wondering if I could pick your brain about a Korrex I have seen for sale? I am just starting out. On another platform someone has recognised this for me as a Korrex. I would like to find out more about this.
Thank you very much

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