Type high rule…

Does anyone know of someone selling type high rule? I’m looking for wider stuff - 6, 12, 18, 24 point.

I’m looking for new, clean surface.


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Andy (Elrod Press) can do up to 36pt full face rules, I believe.

It may be worth a try, talk to Sky Shipley at Skyline foundry, He may be along way away, as The Bald Eagle flies,? but still Stateside.!!! He uses a Giant Caster, American version of Supercaster.

Sky casts on Thompson Type Casters (and he is certainly the world’s leading practical authority on them). He does not have any Giant Casters. He does not have an Elrod, or any Monotype equipment with stripcasting capabilities (fusion casting, for Monotype). So he would be unable to cast new strip material.

That having been said, he is casting some extraordinary type - with a focus on the unusual and ornamental. www.skylinetype.com

David M.
(sometime Skyline apprentice)

M&H Type certainly sells full-face rule up to 36 point:
Bell Type & Rule used to, but as far as I can see, their website only specifies leads and slugs for sale now:
Strip material is extruded, and there can be visible, printable seams between the pulls. For quality printing, hand-finished rule was preferred. Nobody seems to offer that now.

Bell Type can run type high rule, all you have to do is ask, they run the Elrod regularly, so ask for it, wait for the production run and go for it. Face is solid and level.

brass rule in uk if required


Just for my own education — what’s “hand-finished rule”



After the strip material was cast, it was tooled (burnished? planed?) for a perfectly smooth printing surface. This may have started with strip that was slightly over type-high.

Type (face down) or Rule was placed into a clamp and the Foot (Type) or Face (Rule) finished with Ploughs which gives a smooth surface.

Thanks for the plug Mick on Monotype, I saw you got it totally wrong again, no change there then.