84pt ECHO by Stephenson Blake ??

I am sorting through a huge collection I just bought and came across this beautiful 84pt fount. It says Echo on the case and is by Stephenson Blake but its not in my 1953 type specimen catalogue.
Could this be a newer typeface or does the case have the wrong name.
Any help would be appreciated
Many thanks

image: echo.jpg


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It is shown in my Jaspert, Berry and Johnson (2001), on page 265, as ECHO, SB 1956, designed by Peter Bell.

Thanks Dave,
I’m not going mad then, I have just ordered a newer catalogue of the internet so it should be in there.
I also just found another 3 trays, 48, 60 & 72pt so will have fun printing with these.
Best regards

Sounds like you have had quite a find, Steve!


Yes, It was a lot of work making space for them but definitely really pleased with the purchase.
They are arriving in 4 shipments with the 3rd next week to give me time to store them away before the next batch arrives.
The studio is full now but have made room in my warehouse to store the remaining cabinets.
There are some photos at www.yorkletterpress.co.uk
In time I will choose the best trays to go in the studio and keep the others in the warehouse.

I think the 1953 SB&Co catalogue was the last substantial specimen they produced in hardback. After that they seemed to concentrate more upon individual typeface leaflets. The last few bound specimens (1960s/70s) were insubstantial paperbacks containing “highlights” of what was available.

My 1959, plastic-bound, specimen, of Stephenson Blake, does show Echo, on page 151, in four sizes: 48- 60- 72- & 84-point.
Dave Greer

That is a good looking space, not to mention a beautiful Korrex!

I have been setting up my basement shop over the last month and a half. I can sympathise with the effort it takes :)


Thanks Kim,
One day I might actually get time to do some printing :)