What are these?

Hello all.
This is possibly a very stupid question but what are these? Some kind of spacers? I think it’s the end profile that’s confusing me.
Apologies if I’m being offensively dim

Many thanks in advance

image: image.jpg


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They look a bit like some pieces I got with a print-shop purchase last month. Those are brass and have protrusions from both sides on one edge.

The printer who was selling to me explained that a piece of the correct measure are laid in the composing stick before you start typesetting, and allow for easier shifting/lifting of the type from the stick into the forme.

Setting Rules, they are used in Hand setting Type, each one corresponds to a set width measured in Pica, you set the stick, slide in a rule, set the type and than lift the rule and set it in front of the set line, set type slides better on the rule. To remove type from the stick, the rule is inserted between stick and first line, use the ears to slide the type forward in a angle, take the type in the typesetters grip, remove and set into a galley.

I am a Schweitzerdegen

Thank you both, Kimaboe and Typenut, that’s really helpful and explains why they’re being sold alongside a composing stick.

As Typenut implies, Compositors (hand) setting rules.!

Normally in boxed sets and calibrated in 2 Em increments, usually from 10 ems up to 40 ems, (ish)
As apprentices on very lowly pay it was quite normal to make our own Sets, as above, from 2 Pt. Rule with fine centre face. >>Ex Supercaster Strip product.!<<
N. B. quite relevant and very useful side benefit, the professionally sourced (Graphics suppliers etc.) setting rules AND the In House Supplies of 1 Pt. 2 Pt sometimes 3 Pt. Brass rules, in bulk form, at around 20/24” (for Rule and Leader forms) were/are of course, Type High and perfectly usable in amongst handset type, it is only a tiny modification with a Needle File or Knife File (on setting rules) to alter the length, to view and to print.?

For informative Fun, check out your Acquisition with Micrometer, Caliper/Vernier, or Piece of type = in all probability, Type High.???