What is this part used for?

Purchased this on ebay.

Has a rail for Linotype/Intertype Mats and handle

image: rail.jpg


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Probably does the same job as a normal Compositors Setting Stick, (speculation not fact)
Probably find that unlike the 3 distributor rails on the Lino/Intertpe which have a KEY Code to drop the mats into the correct throats in the magazine, your one has NO Key code, and will retain every mat in sequence, for transportation/cleaning etc.probably explains the *carrying handle*

There is an equivalent on the *Monotype* Which I own. and on which my speculation is based.!!

It is in essence a large comb with 15 1/8” rods that act as an assembly device for a full compliment of Monotype Matrices (255) in standard form, 15 x 17 arrangement,
For Cleaning/Inspection etc.