C + P OS treadle hook

Hi Everyone,

I’m putting a C+P OS 8X12 back together and can’t seem to understand where the treadle hook attaches to the flywheel shaft. My flywheel shaft is straight with no bend or indication that a treadle hook was ever in place.

Am I missing something? Or am I looking in the wrong place?

All the pictures of NS presses have a U or bend in the flywheel shaft which the hook might grasp.

Any information would be a major help.


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No replies yet so I’ll chime in. If you have a straight flywheel shaft, chances are 100% that the previous owners had it set up for motor drive. You will need a shaft with the bend in it as you describe to operate by treadle. Try Dave Churchman in Colorado or someone near you may have one. Maybe try Don Black. Good luck in your search.

Did Dave Churchman move away from Indianapolis?


No, that’s what happens when I rely on memory. Did not have time to look up the url. sterlingtype.com He is still in Indianapolis.



Thanks for your help. I’ll start looking around for a different flywheel shaft.