London N6 Book Guillotine needs home

Moved house and now coming out of storage to much smaller work space. Book/paper guillotine cast iron and in excellent (dusty) condition. Want to avoid scrapyard. Any offers considered as donation to St Brides Library. Dismantles to three pieces: 1. adjustable gauge flatbed (top) unbolts from 2. the base and 3. flywheel/wood spindle unscrews. Have two spare blades.

Flatbed (front edge to furthest rear point) 102cm length x 68cm width.
Widest measure across (blade lever to side flywheel) 107cm plus 25.5cm to flywheel handle (unscrews)
Base (stand only) 64cm height x 59cm width
Overall (to top clamp including spindle handle) 146cm height

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image: image005.jpg


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image: image006.jpg