Type of motor for C&P 8x12

I recently bought a new style 8x12 C&P without a motor or treadle. I understand that there are some different ways to set up the press with a motor, but can someone let me know the specifications of what type(s) of motors I should be looking for? I’m having a hard time finding that specific information. If I had to guess, it looks like the press used to be run off the drive pulley with the motor on the right hand side of the press.

**If it makes any difference, I am an experienced printer and am not trying to get the press to a glacial pace, I just haven’t ever had to set up this part!

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There are two main ways to proceed in motorizing a press:

1) Find a vintage phase-shifting variable speed motor - this setup can either drive the pulley on the right side of the shaft, or the flywheel directly depending on how it was configured.

2) Build a new setup. I found when doing my homework that it’s difficult to find a motor that will operate the press at a safe speed without a method to reduce the speed. Therefore, you can use a variable frequency drive and new motor. This setup can also run both the flywheel or a pulley on the right side of the shaft. I prefer the pulley on the right so that I can operate the fly wheel by hand without worrying about entangling myself in a belt.

Which way are you intending to proceed?

The latter is the route I went when motorizing my OS 10x15 - and there is great information in a number of other Briarpress posts. I can also send you the info of what I did - I have been meaning to post the info.