Vandercook Simple Precision SP 15 Proof Press (Letter Press)


I have pieces of printing equipment in my father basement, (Vandercook Simple Precision SP 15 Proof Press). I believe there is some value to it. It is quite in good shape, a very little rust on the top. He also has a ludlow with many characters drawers and related equipments (Rouse Hand Mitering Machine, Rouse Lino Slug Cutter, Rototherm Thermometer) and a Kelsey School Press Excelisior Mercury Model 5”x 8”)

Is there a market in Canada or US for this type of press? How would you estimate the value? It need to be sold by the end of May, 2016. It is located in Lévis, Québec, Canada. Anyone interested?

Thanks for your opinion.


image: image002.jpg


image: image004.jpg


image: image005.jpg


image: image006.jpg


image: image019.jpg


image: image017.jpg


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Can you mail me a list of your Matrix in the ludlow?

Hi Alexandre,

there is definitely value here, especially the SP-15.

The exact value depends on condition, specs and location.

Yours appears to be a manual-inking model, some printers want motorized ones while some prefer manual. It also looks to be in OK shape, but it might be worth your time to clean that rust off before taking a good photo for the listing. :)

If you look in the classifieds on this site, you will see a handful of his model listed over the last couple of years. Prices have varied quite a lot, from $7500 and up depending on the factors listed above.

The Kelsey also has value to the right buyer. The market for small, table-top presses is a bit soft at the moment, but take a look at recently completed eBay auctions for “Kelsey press” and you should get a sense of its value.

Good luck finding a good home for this equipment.


I will come and pick up the SP15 in a heartbeat. Please email me the price you are looking for. I have a truck and a very strong husband, although at one point he said no more 600 pound items for the house….Anyway, let me know. Thanks,