Visilite/Standard Intertype Mags + Mats; Ludlow stuff & more

I have a number of things for sale. I’m moving and downsizing is completely necessary.

I have a small number of Visilite and standard Intertype Magazines w/ Mats available. The fonts and magazines can be bought as a unit or separately if per say you would like a Visilite Magazine but do not need the mats that it currently contains- or vise versa.

Mat Fonts including corresponding magazine:
12pt Garamond Bold (568) ..Visilite
12pt #278 ?? ..Visilite
14pt Gothic condensed ..Visilite
18pt Gothic condensed (^ 4).. Visilite
18pt AV.. Visilite
14pt Gothic condensed (746) ..Standard
10pt News Goth Condensed w/ bold (2894) ..Standard

I have other mat sets, if interested, please inquire

There’s more…
I have a few Intertype and Linotype accessories available including an Intertype platform, a working Cline System Motor (off of a Comet I believe), and a bunch of parts in great condition that I saved from being scrapped.

I have a small number of INTERTYPE CORP. and INTERTYPE 29” cast iron ingot molds available

A small quantity of Ludlow Composite Sticks and Self Quadders ranging from excellent to fair condition

Potdevin: the better part of a 2R9-69 machine; a MG12 frame rollers, gears and other components; a bunch of “Z” and “ZA” parts including 27” brass rollers, gears, etc.

2 Slant-top Ludlow Cabinets in good condition, Ludlow cabinet trays, and typical Ludlow Font sets.

110 lbs of lead/antimony/al

If interested, please feel free to contact me and I can send photos as needed.
I live in Oakland, CA, local pickup would be ideal, but if out of this range, shipping arrangements can be made. Thank you

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