Windmill Make Ready for Embossing

We want to try our hand at heated embossing.

We are wondering the best way to setup for the counter and what height counter to work with.

We are not sure what to attach the counter to.
We felt the easiest would be use a thinner die jacket which would allow us to add packing but cannot figure out what to build the correct packing height to.

We also see many other counter boards and youtube vides showing so many make ready options that we dont know which way to go.

We are also wondering what temp to start the die at.

We are wondering can we lockup with wood furniture or should we use metal

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Hot embossing is rather straightforward once you get a procedure established. The depth of the embossing die determines the height of the counter. You can get a counter made with the die by the die maker which will simplify the make ready or you can make your own counter on press using a yellow board material or an epoxy type material you mix yourself. In either case you want to mount the counter on a thin sheet of material attached to the platen itself not to a die cutting jacket. This is termed a “floating counter” which allows the counter to settle into the die easily. An impression is made of the die onto the counter material and then the excess counter material is cut or ground away so that no impression is made outside of the embossed image area. A cover material is laid over the counter many times to decrease the amount of wear on the counter. On a Heidelberg the depth of the impression is controlled by increasing or decreasing the amount of pressure as you would in any print situation. This all assumes you are using a 1/4” thick die on a hot plate.