Challenge Paper Cutter Cost

Hi all-
I was offered a Challenge paper cutter, model HB, size 193 for $500. It is a few states away and I haven’t been able to see it in person, but assuming it is indeed in working condition…is that a fair price?


image: IMG_0912.JPG_.jpeg

image: IMG_0916.JPG_.jpeg

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Hi Jenny,
Check what type of current you need to run it.
If its 220 that could be an issue.
The price is within a fair range if it is in good working order.
It may cost you that much just to ship it.
A cutter that size could support a pretty good size shop so depending your volume of work it may be to much.

I have the same cutter with a turn wheel for the clamp (that hydraulic clamp looks like a nice feature). Sounds like a fair price. I’d find out if it comes with an additional knife or two. I’d also find out how worn the knife is. Is it secured using the lower or upper holes? If on the lower hole, then you probably have plenty of knife left. If using the upper hole, it’s possible it has been sharpened and ground down considerably over it’s life and you may need to replace the knife at the tune of at least $150 or more per knife. I’m thinking I will need new knives in the coming year or two, though I haven’t been able to find the suggested minimum blade height for this cutter… I may be way past due!

One last thing to consider, is a 19” inch cutter large enough for the work you do? I primarily work with half parent sheets at 20”x26”, which is 1 inch over what this cutter will accept. I’ve found over the years that taking the time to trim off that extra inch with a straight edge, razor blade and cutting matt is doable, but adds an inconvenient step to your project.