Scam Alert - Western Union Shipping via PayPal

I recently posted a Pearl letterpress for sale and was contacted by BriarPress user John101 who goes by John Samuel.
He asked me a few questions about my press and after I answered them he offered me the full amount I was asking for, despite the fact that I listed the press as $1500 OBO.
He then said he was going to arrange shipment.
My communication with him made me feel like its as a scam, but I know how to protect myself against something like this and wanted to follow it through to make sure I was correct.
After that he told me he was going to give me additional funds with his PayPal payment that would cover the cost of shipping and that I would have to transfer those funds via Western Union to John’s shipper. I then knew it was a scam, and told John as such but that if I logged into my account and saw money there I would consider it a valid purchase.
I received an email that looked like it was from PayPal saying money had been transferred but in order to have it released to me I would have to send them a copy of a receipt showing I had paid the shipper via Western Union.
Just to make sure I logged into my PayPal account by entering the URL into a separate web browser (NOTE - if this happens to you DO NOT click on any links from emails received that look phony. It will take you to a dummy site that looks like PayPal but truly isn’t - and when you log in you are effectively giving your credentials to the scammer). There was no money in my account.
I emailed John Samuel back saying I wasn’t easily scammed and that I would be posting here to ensure that no one else falls for something like this.
I know this community is versed in shipping so it is probably no surprise to anybody reading this. But just as a reminder, most scams involve putting the responsibility of shipping on the seller so that should always be a red flag. Other red flags are simple usernames like John101, or when your communication with the purchaser is only via email and they have poor grammar and spelling. Another giant red flag is when someone claims to be overseas.
Anyway - he didn’t succeed in scamming me and I want to make sure he doesn’t succeed with anyone else in this community.

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Hi Robyn, and thanks for your helpful post. The approach that John101 tried to use is evidence of a classic scam.

We blocked this user on May 17 after learning about him from other users who forwarded his communications to [email protected].

Unfortunately, the person behind John101 might try to scam others by creating a new account at Briar Press under a different name. We are always on the lookout for repeat offenders, but we can’t spot every single scammer.

Your post is a good reminder that knowing the signs of a scam is the best way to protect yourself.

Thanks for posting this information. It helps us maintain our vigilance.

I think I am trying to be scammed by the same name John Samuel with this email address [email protected]
He sent me a cashiers check in the mail
I haven’t cashed it yet bc he has been so shaddy in his replies that I was thinking it might be a scam all along.
I think searched his name on this site and saw this! I am guessing I am trying to be scammed too! Briarpress probably needs to block this user too. Thanks!

his user name is still john101