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Hi folks,
I’ve looked where I know to look, and can’t find the identity of this font. There were also M&H types in the cabinet, but I don’t see this one in the current M&H catalog. It’s kind of a cross between a Mandarin-style and a Stencil-style, to my novice eye.

Any clues are greatly appreciated. -Dee

image: IMG_0120.JPG


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It’s what M&H lists as “Shadow, Eric Gill” in the catalog.

Thank you, Parallel! Great!

A few tidbits I found from this starting point…

There seem to be two similar versions, one “Gill Sans Shadow 338” (1929?) and another “Gill Sans Light Shadowed” (1931) both from Mr. Gill & Monotype. 338 has narrower shadows, less definition, and a choppy tail on the Q; the newer Q has a nicer curl. The font in the photo is the newer version.

Well I don’t think it will work for poetry but I will find some good use for it, maybe a ’60s theme, in neon color. LOL