Heidelberg 10x15 factory foil unit questions.


I have a few questions regarding the factory foil unit that comes with the Heidelberg T platen. Anyone with or is familiar with such press, please do help me out.

What is the dimension of the heating plate that comes with the factory foil unit?

I have read in the Heidelberg manual that the maximum stamping area is at 2-1/2”x2-1/2” only. Is this correct?

What do I need to buy or do to stamp on a larger area? Around 3”x5” would be sufficient for me.

Would buying a larger heating plate with the stock foil roller and holder do the trick?

Are the temperature and length of pull for the foil unit variable? By how much and what’s the maximum?

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I believe the factory plate is 8.5 x 4.25. It’s pretty easy to fabricate a larger plate out of aluminum. Just a few holes…

The length of pull is adjustable up to 4” according to the manual. We’re able to pull a bit under 5” on ours with no modification.

Assuming you can run the plate lengthwise you should be able to stamp a 5” wide plate, 3” high with no issue.

Temperature should be variable via the stock controller. Ours has been replaced with a Watlow PID and Solid state relay which gives much more precise control over temp.

Please make note that you need 1/2 core foil.

Thank you so much for that information nervous_john!