Wood Type help please, Page Diecut No. 507?

This 5-line wood type matches, according to the sources I can find, Page’s Diecut No. 507. The words “Patented” and “Dec. 20, 1887” are visible on the cap A, V and Y, and “Patented” is visible on the cap F. What has me puzzled is this - there is no “Page” manufacturer’s mark on the cap A’s. Does anyone know, is this Page type? Thanks for your help

image: 507.JPG

image: IMG_1395.JPG

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We have a 5-line No. 500, an 8-line No. 510, and a 15-line No. 513. None are marked “Page” and only the 502 has the patent date stamped on the face of the A like your Y.