Narrowing Down Age Range of Kelsey Excelsior Model-N


I am trying to narrow down the age range of a Kelsey Excelsior Model-N 5x8 press. Mine lists a patent date of 1928.

The images on the “Find Your Kelsey” page on would seem to indicate this model was still being made between 1937 and 1950.

There is no serial number on the press bed which either means my press was made before Kelsey used serial numbers or the press bed was replaced at some point. Although I cannot be sure, judging by the condition and wear on the press and press bed, they are the same age, so I would guess the press was made before the use of serial numbers.

From posts I read on here, it seems Kelsey started using serial numbers around 1938 which means my press could be 1937 or older, which gives it a range of 1928 to 1937.

Does anyone know for sure the first year Kelsey began using serial numbers and the last year this particular Model N was manufactured?

I’d like to know the estimated age of my press (which I am tentatively placing between 1928 and 1937) as well as the full length of time this model was made (which seems to be 1928 to at least 1950).


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Might be worth a quick trawl of the Internet.? for corroboration etc.

TRY, Iron Foundries of U.S.A. pre/post, W W II, specifically,
Foundry Symbols & Trade Marks 1940-45, inc reference to *Steel Founders Society of America, 1902* and reference to *Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh ??*


The reason for the above suggestion, fairly simple,! In the absence of any recognisable Serial Number(s) Make, Model etc, there will be (almost certainly) Foundry of Origin casting marks, pattern marks, in all but the smallest parts,! rear of the Bed, Back of the Platen, Inside and/or Under the base etc. Should be possible to trawl relevant info, from such marks,? From existing archives.?

Probably like here, U.K. — between the Wars, (generally) most, if not all, Foundries were turned over FROM peacetime production, TO Munitions, i.e. Cannons instead of Printing Press,s.

Just a possibility!!! If it be rubbish, apologies.