12x18 C&P in Arkansas barn

I am posting this for the owner of a 12x18 C&P New Style located about 20 miles south of Benton, Ark. I looked at it Tuesday, July 26, 2016. It is in a barn on a crushed pallet. The machine is locked up. It includes a motor which may not work. It has trucks for three rollers but will need all new rollers. The owner would rather not scrap it and will leave the buyer to decide how much the person thinks the press is worth.

Of note: the driveway into the property has two, almost 45 degree slopes on a narrow gravel road with a ravine on either side of the dip. A well-chained press on a double axle trailer moving very slowly would be required. The owner has a forklift on a front end loader.

I am passing all names of prospects to the owner and have digital photos I took which I will gladly share with any interested parties. I am not personally receiving any monetary benefit for this service, only trying to save another piece of our American history printing past.

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