Alphabetachaos film

Introducing “Lead Graffiti Films.” We produced a 5-minute film about us locking up and handrolling the 3rd run of a new print of our entitled “Alphabetachaos.”

Cut your volume up as we put some effort into the sound effects. Take a look.

image: poster-alphabetachaos-370.jpg


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Looks Good, lot of *Pre-Press* work even in real time.!!

If/When, You go for an action replay, how about one short run as above, perhaps in single colour all over and then 2nd. run, second colour, out of register in both directions. around the 6 Point mark, to give 3D and depth of field, impression. (there is a Pun in their somewhere?)

To a few of us, most any SHADOW! type face stands out from the mundane.

This syndrome was, by default, demonstrated a long time ago when 4 colour sets were laid down, for printing, on honeycomb base with register hooks, and until the “Minder(s)” got their act together, Dot for Dot, did not register. Maybe the precursor to 3D.??

Nice one, Thanks. Good Luck. Mick.

Wow, cool movie and very cool print!