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Hello to all. We have a couple Kluge 12 x 18 ink presses that we use to run a lot of large solid logos on packaging, so we use the rider roller, or vibrating roller, most of the time. Occasionally these rollers get out of adjustment and they start to run out of the central area and bump into the side stop pin. When this happens the roller and the saddle pop up to release the tension at the top of each inking cycle. I’ve never found written instructions for adjusting the rider rollers but after lots of trial and error I’ve got a working theory of how they work and I’m looking for conformation or correction.

The rider roller has two adjustment blocks on each side which act as a movable cradle. By adjusting the blocks you can position the roller core up or down or if you squeeze them toward each other you can lift the core up away from the ink rollers beneath it.
So it seems to be that by positioning one side of the roller up and the other side down you can create a twisting effect that offsets the tendency of the roller to track out of center. This seems to me to be the only way I can have them working properly but if it’s not correct and causes undo wear I’d like to avoid that. Is there a better explanation or step by step procedure of how they work?
Thank you

image: adjustment blocks.jpg

adjustment blocks.jpg

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Bruce cpd,
The other end of your rider roller should have a fluted end. It fits into a holder that has an adjustable spring-loaded ball bearing. The bearing presses into one of the flutes to prevent the shaft from turning. If the roller reaches the end of its travel, the bearing will allow the shaft to turn and release the tension on the roller, and the saddle should not pop up. If the bearing adjustment is too tight it will not work as described. Loosen the locknut and turn the screw to adjust the bearing.

Thank you for your response Sharecropper Press. I looked at the right side saddle and when I removed the set screw thats all it was, a set screw. No spring loaded bearing. I looked at the parts diagram and I think it was part TG232 vibrator friction plug assembly that I’m missing. When I bought these rider rollers a few years ago I didn’t realize how that was supposed to work and I just used the set screw that was on the saddle. I thought it was supposed to hold it tight. I learned something new today. Thank you again

I recently found out that the piece that was missing is called a ball plunger and is available from Jergens Manufacturing in Ohio. The item number is 10734, Ball Plunger, 3/8-24,Med.
I thought it might be good to post this information in case anyone else ever runs into this issue.