Foil Stamping Issues

I’m printing foil on a windmill, and having a very strange issue. Occasionally, when running envelopes, I have a batch that simply won’t take the foil well. I increase temperature and impression over and over, and I still can’t get a clean foil release. The funny thing is, if I switch to a different box of envelopes from the same supplier, I find that everything is fine.

Right now, I am attempting to foil stamp the flap on some envelopes from William Arthur, and having this problem. Has anyone encountered this, and do you have a solution? I’m on deadline (of course!) and I don’t have the time to order a new box of envelopes.

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Well, to answer my own question, erasing the surface before I foil stamp seems to do the trick. I tried everything else under the sun.

I am guessing that it is an excess of sizing on the surface of the paper that is causing the problem. But that is only a guess.

Hi jenvencill, I run into similar issues alot and I have found that, depending on the foil release that you are using, it may be helpful sometimes to lower the temperature instead of increasing it. It seems odd but does work on occasion and is worth a try before using using more labor intensive methods. Also using a harder or softer underlayer are also things to try.